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5 Ways To Create A Powerful First Impression

5 Ways To Make A Good First Impression

We all meet people every other day and as we already know, first impressions last forever. The good thing is, you can be intentional about making powerful first impressions by working on the following;
1) Body Language;
Research shows that people decide many things about you within the first 10-15 seconds of meeting. This means you need to carry a positive and confident aura everywhere you go. It is also important to keep an open posture when meeting someone for the first time (do not cross your arms or legs), take up some space, put on a sincere smile to give the other party a welcome feeling, and maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye contact will make you appear trustworthy and show your interest in what the other person is saying.
Avoid touching your face too often, fiddling with clothing, and sitting or standing too close others; give them some space.
Your outfit goes a long way in creating a strong impression, in fact it can have an effect on your overall charisma and even your body language. Consider letting your outfit match the relative level of formality of the person you are meeting—whether it is business formal, highly casual, or somewhere in between.
While trying to portray a message of strength and courage through your dressing, be careful not to over-dress for the occasion.
3) Choice of words;
There is no limit to how powerful your words can be, especially when you’re smart with your word choices and time them perfectly. Good conversation skills can make your first meeting a jackpot! It is also very important to regulate the tone of your voice, so you don’t sound boring, uninspiring or uncertain

4) Be prepared always!
As the ancient scout motto goes – “Be prepared”. Don’t let yourself ever get caught off guard. If your meeting is planned in advance, well for you! Try to know as much as possible about the person that you’re meeting before hand, and bring up topics they would be love to talk about.
What if the meeting wasn’t planned in advance? — Good for you still! The more reason you should be prepared always. Remember to never let yourself get caught off guard.

5) Be original;
Whenever you’re meeting someone for the first time, be sure to keep it real, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Work towards creating your own identity and affecting everyone around you positively. This would portray you as someone who is proud of himself and thus boost your worth.

***Bonus tip***
Follow up;
After the initial meeting, remember to follow up by sending any necessary information — notes, next line of action, or even a ‘thank you’ text. This would prove to them that you have made them a priority. It could also open opportunities for a second chance, and then you could go on to show them another side of you.

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Peter Adewoye is a Men’s style writer and Fashion designer. He is the Creative Director at Fashcraft Clothing, a Bespoke Menswear brand; and he has a strong desire to help every man find their style rhythm.

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